How To Get Our Help: Simple Steps To Follow 

Follow these quick steps in order to get started - help is right around the corner!

Step 1​. Email us at and include the following information:
Step 2​. WHO you are (choose your category from our "WHO We Help" page). Let us know if someone referred you to The Edit Queen!
Step 3. WHAT service you require (choose from our "WHAT We Offer" page). If you are not sure, that is ok!
Step 4. WHEN you require our service (see "WHEN We Can Help You" page).
Step 5. WHY you are seeking our help. Include a description of your assignment/goals or anything you think we need to know.
Step 6. Attach your writing to your email (or a sample if it's a large document).* 
Step 7. Wait for our response and free estimate.
Step 8. Submit payment via PayPal as per your invoice and then you are done - just wait to receive your improved paper from us!

See? Simple. We are here to make your life easier.

*See our "Ethical Responsibilities" page to feel comfortable sending us your writing. It is safe in our hands!


T: 516-398-8775   

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