Ethical Responsibilities

Here at The Edit Queen we understand that your writing is your writing. To some people, their organized words are like their baby. We respect that. We are simply borrowing your baby, possibly adding a sparkly accessory or two, and then returning said baby to its rightful owner.


We will never share, sell, distribute, publish, or otherwise use your writing without your express permission. We also never share our client's personal information (name, email address, payment data, services provided). Your writing, copyrighted or not, is safe in our hands. We will return your baby unharmed and slightly cleaner than when we received it.


STUDENTS: See the "Meet Your Editor" page. I am a teacher. Please do not ask us to write your paper. We will not. (Darn it!) Your work must be your work. However, we are here to help your piece become the best that it can be and to help you become the best writer that you can be. With our guidance, you will be just fine and will be able to take pride in your finished paper and in your improved skills.