The Edit Queen

More importantly, your edit queen. I'm also known as Elizabeth Brehm but I much prefer the former. I am a teacher. I am an attorney (cringe). I am a reader. I am a writer. I am a single-mom. And, much to my family and friends' dismay, I am a "corrector." I can't help it. If I hear you say something incorrectly, I am going to point it out. (It's "would have" not "would of." Don't you want to know that? I'm really doing you a favor!) If I see you spell something incorrectly, I am going to reply with an * followed by the correct spelling (*definitely. Again, you're welcome). I am constantly being asked to edit people's work: my former students, my family, co-workers, friends. I have created dozens and dozens of resumes. I proofread legal documents, school assignments, text messages, birthday cards and street signs. I can't help it. It's almost a problem. So here I am...why not create a healthy outlet for what I was born to do? That's right - you were born to put off that assignment, to dread writing practice essays, and to hope no one notices the errors on your application. was born to help you. Together, we make the perfect team!